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This much I know is true—you do not fall in love while driving alone in your car.

Love gets its own special day this month!  Cupid’s arrow can strike in unlikely places–and public transit is one of them.  Love connections are made and soul mates are found on trains and buses and subways. Yes, it’s a plot line that Hollywood rom-coms are known for, but it’s also the stuff of real life stories.    And we are certain that some of you have a story to share.  Have you found love on light rail?  Wedded bliss because of the bus?  Romance on the rails?

Share your stories with us!  We’d LOVE to hear them and feature them in an upcoming blog on Valentine’s Day.  Your story could win you a $75 gift card to treat your special someone.  Send your love story to GMTMA by February 10th.

Romance… just one more great reason to ride public transit!

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