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Another cool infographic we found on the Sustainable Cities Collective website shows us the possibilities for living an eco-friendly and more affordable life presented to us by seeking out alternative transportation, such as mass transit and carpooling.

The infographic, from, outlines the positive impact that increased public transportation has made in the past few years. Thanks to so many people opting not to use their cars, as much as 37 million tons of CO2 are not released and 340 million gallons of fuel aren’t used annually. That’s a lot of saved money on gas!

If you live in an area where transit is an option, public transportation is a great way to not only dip less into our natural resources but also to help potentially save a good deal of money on the cost of getting around, and carpooling can be equally as helpful for those that don’t live near public means of transportation.

Want to drive less, but don’t know where to start? GMTMA can help you figure out alternative ways to get around. Check out our Employer Services to learn about how we can help employers encourage their workforce to leave the cars at home; read about our Senior Programs where we provide transportation services and information to seniors who are navigating life without a car; learn about our programs for commuters, including carpooling and vanpooling; check out our Community Programs and learn about how GMTMA can help your community implement a wide variety of policies and programs that improve safety, mobility and sustainability; get involved in our Safe Routes to School program, which helps kids and their parents get to school safely without driving; learn how to ride your bike more; or figure out ways to ride the bus or train more often. Contact GMTMA — we can help you, your office, or your school figure out alternative ways to get around.


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