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Want to let NJ Transit know how they’re doing? Take a few minutes to fill out their scorecard. Their scorecard initiative helps the agency measure how they are performing and identifies areas that need improvement. And, as a perk, all customers who participate in the survey will automatically be entered to win one of five free monthly passes.

Recently, NJ Transit published the results of their first customer satisfaction survey, which asked customers to rate the agency on a scale of 0 (unacceptable) to 10 (excellent) on 32 attributes of the system. As part of the survey, customers were asked to identify the three most important aspects of NJ Transit service among the items they rated.  Areas customers said needed to be improved included fares, on-time performance, and better communication of service disruptions. Of course, as the Tri-State Transportation Campaign aptly points out, fares and on-time performance are actually two areas that the agency has very little control over, which means that state policymakers should be paying attention to these criticisms and increasing support for transit. If they do, New Jerseyans would support them — a recent poll determined that a majority of New Jerseyans strongly support increased transit investments.

Overall, 68 percent of respondents saying they’d “recommend NJ Transit to a friend or relative,” and an “overall satisfaction score” of 5.3. Light rail, bus, and Access Link (paratransit) did see small improvements in their customer satisfaction scores, although rail scores dropped. The Northeast Corridor line didn’t fare very well, with a score of 3.9. Many On the Move readers use the Northeast Corridor line; if you do, definitely take a few minutes to give NJ Transit some feedback so they know what their customers want and need on the line.

The survey results can be found here and the agency’s press release can be found here. Click here to sign up to take the current survey online.

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