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If you have been traveling on I-195 this week your commute has probably taken longer than usual, and unfortunately it is not going to get a lot better anytime soon.

Due to Wednesday’s tragic accident, Westbound I-195 in Mercer County will be down to one lane on the overpass over the Turnpike for at least six weeks. This means that all drivers should expect delays from about exit 11 to exit 6 through mid-November.

I know a lot of commuters are asking themselves: “What am I going to do? I go on 195 every day and I don’t have time for a longer commute!” You are in Luck! I have some answers for you!

The biggest problem is that a lot of cars need to go over a bridge where the road goes from two lanes down to one. So, let’s decrease the number of cars that need to go through there! If you have ever considered carpooling or joining a vanpool this is the time! Know a neighbor or someone from work going the same direction as you? Ask them if they want to carpool and decrease the number of cars on I-195. Yeah, it may seem a little inconvenient at first because you have to get up 5 minutes earlier or pick someone up on your way; but if everyone carpooled with just one other person, traffic would flow a lot more smoothly and it would take a lot less time to get to work. It would also cost about half of what you currently pay in gas; and everyone can use some extra dollars at the end of the month.

Never fear, if you don’t know someone with a similar commute as you, we can hook you up! Go to and use our easy online application to find a carpool partner.

Another option is to try telecommuting. Find out if your company allows you to telecommute even one day a week. That would be a great commute! No driving or getting stuck in traffic, just head downstairs, swing by the kitchen for a cup of coffee and get to your office at home in no time!

Unfortunately, some of us have jobs that can’t be done from home and there are a few days a month that carpooling won’t work because of a personal appointment or other commitment. On these days you may need to find an alternate route to avoid the I-195 and NJ Turnpike interchange all together. There are a few options such as going a little south on Routes 526 and 524 through Allentown, or a little North on 539 to Sharon Road into Robbinsville. Each commute is different, so check out which alternate route may work best for you.

Overall, if you need to travel on Westbound 195, your commute is going to take longer than usual for the next six or more weeks. Please be patient with other drivers and construction crews on the roads. It is not worth trying to get to work five minutes earlier if you don’t get there safely. 

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