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Halloween is just a day away! Now that the days are shorter and most trick-or-treaters are going to be out during the twilight and evening hours, we would like to share a few Halloween safety tips.

Image: Pinar Ince/Shutterstock

Image: Pinar Ince/Shutterstock

For pedestrians
Young children should always trick-or-treat with an adult, older children should trick-or-treat in groups.
Choose the safest routes to walk, try to avoid busy traffic areas, and always walk on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, keep to the left and walk facing traffic. Try to limit the number of street crossings.
Wear light colored clothing with reflective tape or stickers or put reflective tape on the trick-or-treat bag. Children can carry glow sticks to improve visibility.
Make sure the costumes don’t make it hard for children to walk and try to avoid face masks because they reduce visibility. Instead children could use face paint.
Watch for cars turning or pulling out of driveways and don’t cross between parked cars.
Eliminate distractions, keep your head up, and be alert.
Carry a flashlight.

For motorists
Slow down and make sure you pay extra attention in residential neighborhoods.
Watch for children at intersections, crossways, and curbs.
Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully.
Remember popular times for trick or treating are between 5:30pm and 9:30pm.
Watch for children dressed in dark colored costumes.
Eliminate all distractions and turn headlights on early.
Do not drive while under the influence.
Stay safe and Happy Halloween!


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