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One of the goals of the Greater Mercer TMA is to ensure that *all* citizens can maximize their mobility by ensuring access to convenient, affordable, safe, and comfortable transportation options. This “access for all” ensures that children, senior citizens, and disabled citizens have the transportation options they need in a transportation system that has historically overlooked these populations. But, just like anyone, they need good ways to reach the goods and services they need for a healthy, productive, independent, and spontaneous lifestyle.

In response to this burgeoning demand, numerous organizations are making impressive strides — from establishing new feeder routes to connect with transit, to improving communication networks among local social service providers.

To facilitate communication between communities and enable their great ideas to become models for the entire country to follow, GMTMA has developed a new forum: the Mobility Management Website. This website is a news feed, blogging portal, calendar and file cabinet all-in-one, and it can be found at Groups who are working on mobility management projects and programs now have one more resource at their disposal to help bring about positive change in their community and a new way to benefit from the expertise and experience of a nationwide conglomerate of like-minded professionals. As our online community grows, who knows what new and exciting things we’ll be adding to the site? Check it out!

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