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Did you know that an average 7,030 people board NJ Transit trains at the Princeton Junction station every single weekday? As you may already know, the wait list for a parking permit is the stuff of legends – it’s up to eight years long now.

But we at GMTMA know a secret. We can help you get a parking permit today. Yes, today.

If you apply for a rideshare parking permit, there is absolutely no waiting list. That means if you drive to the station with two or more people in your vehicle, you can get a rideshare permit immediately. At least two people must be in the car every time you park using a rideshare permit, but that’s the only restriction.

With a rideshare permit, you can park in the Wallace Road daily parking lot on the New York-bound side of the tracks. It’s really close! These designated rideshare spaces are reserved for the exclusive use of rideshare permit holders from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on weekdays. After 10:00 a.m., unused rideshare spaces are open to the public for daily parking.

The rideshare parking permit application is available on the West Windsor Parking Authority website.

Ridesharing will not only get you a parking permit today and a REALLY close reserved parking space, it will also save you money and decrease carbon emissions. If you rideshare or carpool with one other person you will both save 50% on the cost of gas and car maintenance and there will be one less car on the road creating air pollution.

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