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If you’re a fan of America’s national pastime, you know that any time a power hitter steps up to bat, the pitcher and pitching coach need to decide if they let the batter swing, or if they should let him walk.

We’re not baseball pitchers or coaches. But we are walkers. And on Sunday June 23, The Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team, the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center, and the Greater Mercer TMA are teaming up to get kids walking around the plate.

2013 Trenton Thunder ‘Pedestrian Parade’ Challenge

On Sunday, June 23 is the first-ever Trenton Thunder Pedestrian Parade Challenge. To be eligible for FREE admission to the game (one ticket per child, additional tickets available at a reduced rate), children whose schools have participated in one of GMTMA’s Safe Routes to School educational events must complete a form (available upon request) confirming that he or she has walked to/from school at least 15 times. This form should be sent to the Trenton Thunder (the form must be received by Friday June 14). Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis.  

And on game day, a walk isn’t just as good as a hit — it’s even better. Children and parents are invited to celebrate their healthy choices as part of St. Lawrence Rehabilitation’s ‘Safety Day’ at the ballpark by participating in a parade on the field before the first pitch.

Interested in taking a walk around the plate? Contact GMTMA today!

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