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While Earth Day is still fresh on everyone’s mind, we wanted to take a minute to share a few ways we can all go green and reduce our carbon footprint. Next year it will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the Earth Day Network’s goal is to reach 3 billion acts of green. This year the total number of acts of green is at… 2,688,209,868. There are a few options to take action and commit to your own act of green (

An excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint is by greening your commute!  Here are a few tips:

We can green our commute by choosing a more sustainable transportation option:

Walk or bike to work – Get healthy and improve your mood while going green

Take public transit – Go green and save green

Telecommute – Skip the drive and save some green

Carpool or vanpool – You can start by carpooling once or twice a week…every action adds up

Switch to a four day week – You go green and have a long weekend every week

Drive electric and you drive greener– less than half of the global warming emissions of gasoline powered vehicles

You can try mixing your commute modes, take public transit one day, bike for a couple of days, and  carpool another day.

Once you’re at the office there are more opportunities to go green!

Going green at the office

Use a reusable coffee mug

Use a refillable water bottle – reduce plastic waste

Shut down your computer at the end of the day  to save energy

Pack your lunch – this way you are not tempted to drive somewhere to buy lunch

You know you want to Go Green!  Don’t forget to:

  • Register for Bike to Work Week during May 13 –May 17 or Bike to Food and friends during May. Log your miles and get entered to win prizes
  • Submit your act of green at so it counts towards the 3 billion acts of green
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