PickUP Program

with Waze Carpool




Receive approximately $9 per ride given to or from work.


Pay only $1 to get to or from work.

Introducing the PickUP program

Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association (GMTMA) is excited to announce our partnership with Waze Carpool. Waze Carpool is a carpooling app that connects drivers and riders already going to similar work destinations to ride together. With GMTMA’s new program, PickUp, potential or /current employees residing in Mercer County and working in the 8A warehouse/ CR 571 district (See map at bottom of this page, or go to this link) qualify for rider and driver subsidies and incentives.


Pickup Program Benefits:

●  Low cost rides: The cost of the ride is being subsidized by GMTMA through grant funding. Initial cost will be only $1.00 for a ride and will remain at or below $4.00 through 12/31/21 in the program areas (Click link to see the program areas)

●  Bonus cash for drivers participating in the program

●  Additional financial incentives for employees who participate (riders and drivers)

●  Employees who sign up will be eligible for two free substitute rides through a third party if they used the Waze Carpool app to get to work, but are unable to find a ride back home (Click here  to find out how to get reimbursed for a substitute ride home). Reimbursement will be equal to the fare of the ride minus $1.

To carpool with your coworkers, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Tap this link on your mobile device and choose if you want to drive or ride. Download the Waze app to drive, or the Waze Carpool app to ride.

Step 2: Open either app to set up your profile. If you’re using the Waze app, just tap the icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 3: Tap to join the “PickUp” Carpool group.

Step 4: Check out the best matches on your route and start offering or requesting rides. To find your coworkers, just look for the group label under the profile photo.

Want to learn more? The Waze support Center can answer all your Carpool-related questions.

Contact Steven DaCosta (Sdacosta@gmtma.org) if you require any assistance or have further questions.

How is PickUP different from other carpool programs?

Thanks to our partnership with Waze Carpool, a peer-to-peer carpooling app, the PickUp program helps coworkers with similar commutes easily set up carpools to work. The sign-up process is also much easier because it’s fully managed in the app. Prices are set to reimburse drivers for gas costs. Riders pay in the app, so nobody has to worry about cash. And because this program is being subsidized by Greater Mercer TMA, riders will only pay $1 and and drivers will make the max (or close to the max) reimbursement rate of $0.56 cents per mile. Click here and download the app to get started!

Contact Steven DaCosta (Sdacosta@gmtma.org) if you require any assistance or have further questions.
We recommend all riders and drivers follow health and safety guidelines on travel provided by local authorities.
The CDC has issued guidance on how to reduce risk on your commute.

*Rider costs are subject to change at the discretion of the Greater Mercer TMA


While everyone can sign up for Waze Carpool, to qualify for these incentives rider home origin must be in Mercer County. The destination must be in the 8A warehouse/ CR 571 district (See map). Drivers may live outside of Mercer County, however, rider pick-ups must begin or end in Mercer County.

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