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With long lines at gas stations in some parts of the state and the 12 northern New Jersey counties under odd/even gasoline restrictions, we also learned on Sunday from the US Energy Information Agency  that a full 27% of the gas stations in the New York metropolitan area are completely out of gas. Even if your county is not affected and you personally have not had to wait on line for gas, conserving gas is an important thing you can do to help out.

There are many ways to use less gas (which also has the added benefit of saving you money!). Carpooling is a great option — not just to work, but also to school or shopping.  Another way to conserve gas is to take transit. Right now public transportation is up and running after some delays. NJTransit trains, buses, and light rail are all great options to get you where you need to go while saving gas and money.

GMTMA can help you figure out how to make this happen. Check out our information and programs that can help you find a vanpool or carpoolride your bike more, encourage your kids to walk and bike to school, help your employer start up a telecommute policy, ride the bus or train, and get around easier if you’re a senior.

The gasoline shortage is not going to be a permanent, but it is a great excuse to figure out ways to use less gas. Contact GMTMA — we can help you, your office, or your school figure out alternative ways to get around.

New Jersey state troopers keep order as motorist line up to purchase gasoline at the Thomas A. Edison service area on the New Jersey Turnpike Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, near Woodbridge, N.J., before the noon switch to a gas-rationing system in 12 counties ordered by Gov. Chris Christie. (AP)
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