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GMTMA is proud to announce the publication of a new Mobility Guide for Mercer County.  As part of the TMA’s ongoing mobility management initiative, the guide was designed to provide a better understanding of the transportation options available to our community as well as how to take advantage of those options. The Mobility Guide includes everything from step-by-step instructions for taking the bus to contact information for local human service trip providers.  It even provides a list of popular destinations and the bus routes that serve them.  We hope that this new guide will provide an excellent resource for all of Mercer County, especially those new to transit, new to the area, or new to a car-less lifestyle.

Another great feature of the guide is that it comes in two versions: one in English and another in Spanish (thanks to Gabriela Sikorski Gill at Interfaith Care Givers of Trenton for helping with the Spanish version). This means that the guide and its benefits will be accessible to an even broader group of people within the local community.  For more information about the TMA, mobility management, or to see the completed guide, please visit

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