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Still searching for the right place to help out for your end-of-the-year tax writeoff? Look no further. Greater Mercer RideProvide is a community-based nonprofit service for senior citizens and visually impaired adults of any age in Mercer County, New Jersey. With direct door-to-door rides in private cars, RideProvide offers its members an alternative mode of transportation that provides ease, mobility, safety, and comfort.

Greater Mercer RideProvide allows our ever growing population of senior adults and the visually impaired – who would otherwise be struggling with the limitations of not being able to drive – an alternative mode of transportation. Other transportation services are available throughout the County, but are restricted in their hours, destinations or purposes, and they do not provide the personal care or door-to-door service offered to RideProvide members.  Greater Mercer RideProvide never restricts the destination, trip purpose, or frequency of its members’ rides within our service area.

RideProvide is always seeking volunteer drivers and dispatchers as well as donations of money, vehicles, gas cards, or office supplies in order to keep providing Mercer County’s senior citizens and visually impaired adults with affordable door-to-door rides. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause. You can make a secure monetary donation here. If you’d like to volunteer or donate a vehicle, please contact us at 609-452-5140, or email

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