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It is time to celebrate growing older by focusing on things that matter most in life, as well as the things we can do to stay healthy and active. Healthier eating habits and regular exercise can help you lose weight, reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and help you feel better. Regular exercise also protects against osteoporosis, balance problems, muscle loss, and depression.

Here are our 7 best practices for Healthy Aging Month:

  1. Focus on encouraging everyone to keep walking. Maintaining mobility is much easier than regaining mobility.
  2. Make sure your community and town are promoting complete streets to ensure safe walking is possible. Learn more about complete streets here.
  3. Refine driving skills by utilizing the AARP  refresher course to help keep driving skills sharp.
  4. Public transportation can be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the process. Click here to learn about our free travel training program.
  5. Learn about our senior ride services like RideProvide in Mercer County, Plainsboro, and the southern portion of Montgomery, New Jersey.
  6. We can all work together to advocate for improved transportation options to help keep our seniors safe, active, and independent.
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