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Though the number of businesses and jobs in the warehouse and distribution sector has grown significantly in our region—the ability to access these jobs has continued to be elusive for many.   

The PickUp program was specifically developed to help with this barrier to employment. The new program provides improved access from Mercer County to job opportunities in along the Rt. 130 corridor in the in the CR 571/Cranbury/ 8A warehouse area using the Waze Carpool peer to peer carpooling app. GMTMA partnered with Waze to have subsidies and incentives for riders and drivers built into the app within the PickUp group.  Now drivers heading to work can get reimbursed for the cost of the drive when they provide a ride to another worker in their area and riders get a low cost ride.  

Drivers can receive up to $.56/mile while riders pay only $1 to get to or from work.  Prices are set to reimburse drivers for gas costs. Riders pay in the app, so nobody has to worry about cash. Drivers and riders have more money in their pocket by using PickUp with Waze Carpool. 

And if a rider uses the Waze Carpool app to get to work, they will not be left stranded. Employees who sign up will be eligible for two free substitute rides through a third party if they used the Waze Carpool app to get to work, but are unable to find a ride back home.   

Getting started for drivers and riders is easy!  First, to learn more about the program’s benefits, step by step instructions for signing up, and to see if your commute qualifies for the PickUp program go here.  Or you can also go directly to the Waze  PickUp Carpool Group and choose if you want to drive or ride, and download the app. 

This is a great opportunity for employers too!  Employers benefit from the program with an expanded labor market, reduced employee tardiness and absenteeism, reduced turnover costs, and increased productivity. GMTMA can assist employers in promoting this program at their worksite. Find more employer information here .

Employees and employers both win with the new PickUp program and Waze Carpool!  Contact with questions about the program. 


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