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Carol Bike 1Please welcome my colleague Carol Staats as this week’s guest commuter.

As a fair weather biker, I have been patiently waiting for warm enough mornings to begin my bike to work commute between Hopewell and West Windsor for the year. In celebration of Bike to Work Week, I planned to begin Monday.   I typically do a one way bike commute so that my car is available to me for work purposes – so Monday was a bike to home day. I was one happy biker when I got to Rosedale Road yesterday (Monday) afternoon during rush hour. The cars were backed up beyond Province Line Road all the way to Carter Road. It was a nice reward for me as a biker because I just kept on biking right past those idling cars! I am thankful for many courteous drivers on the roads yesterday and again this morning; we all can safely share the road.

Thanks Carol – if you’d like to share your commuting experience, please contact

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