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The work/study from home life goes on and by now many of us are in need of a dose of optimism and hope. And there is no shortage of creativity, acts of kindness, and generosity in the world to help us with that. Even though we are all practicing social distancing, people all over the world are finding new ways to be kind to one another, generous, and inspiring. We have put together some of their stories to help you start the weekend on a positive note. We hope you enjoy it and please let us know if you have any stories you would like to share with us.  

  1. In an amazing show of solidarity, local Police and Firefighters come together to thank health care workers at Penn Medicine Health – this video will give you goosebumps  
  1. Famous paintings come to life – people re purposing everyday life objects to recreate famous works of art and the results are incredible 
  1.  “You are not alone”: How teenagers are dealing with social distancing  A video by young people for young people dealing with isolation and social distancing.   
  1. Musician Yo-Yo Ma called for #songsofcomfort  on social media and people delivered. If you have musical talents, it’s not too late to join. 
  1. People across the country find comfort in fostering dogs and cats that’s what we call a win-win situation.   
  1. NJ Residents establish Mercer Mask Project to prepare hand-made mask and distribute for free to those who need them. Learn how you can get involved by visiting their page*F   
  1. Local high schools, universities and other organizations come up with solutions for the pandemic by making sanitizer, new tests, face shields for health care workers, pizzerias and restaurant delivering food to first responders and healthcare workers, donations to food banks, cheering up elderly neighbors, and so on.  

And here are a few ideas to keep the stay at home time interesting:  

Stay safe and healthy friends!  

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